Let's face it. Our world is becoming increasingly complicated.

The way we work has changed permanently.  Technology, The Talent War, Flight to Quality, recruiting and retaining talent, are all factors that have had and will continue to have a significant impact on our economy.

As commercial real estate tenant representation experts, we represent only the tenant or buyer and deliver objective knowledge and customized solutions to connect the loop between talent, culture, and your space. Through technology, complete transparency, and passionate client advocacy, we are disrupting the traditional real estate model, delivering solution-focused strategies for all companies.

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Working with an exclusive workspace advisor whose sole fiduciary responsibility is to you and your company is essential to making an informed commercial real estate decision that is consistent with your company's goals, objectives, and culture. We'll help you weigh all your options, compare them side by side, and negotiate the best deal for you. Not only does our knowledge help you in the marketplace financially, but we can also help you negotiate the best non-economic terms.
This is our specialization. It is our responsibility to keep up with shifting requirements and market challenges. Profit from our experience. Executive leadership should not be left to fend for themselves. The Rise Pittsburgh is proud to be 100% Women-Owned business. We have experience in Western Pennsylvania and over 220+ U.S. cities and we are here to help.


Rise Core Values - Transparency

We bring both on market and off market opportunities to your attention. We are not the editor and present all options that meet your specific goals. Since we never represent landlords or property owners, we are always on your side, representing your interests.

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We work backward from your lease expiration, decommission clause, or lease notification date to build a working timeline to ensure each client stays on track during the entire process. We identify scenarios to provide you with agility and options, creating leverage in the market.

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You are not alone. We not only provide our team’s knowledge and expertise, but we curate industry partnerships to meet your specific goals and objectives. Each one of our team members brings a different skillset to the table, identifying scenarios and negotiating options to provide your business with flexibility, options, and opportunities. We add to the team by bringing best-in-class partners to the project.

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Our team is comprised of commercial real estate experts with over 35 years of experience. We leverage clients in the market to create competition for your tenancy. We know the deals, the owners, and the players in the field. Our proven process and technology save c-suite leaders time and money.

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Rise works to understand your company’s objectives and then walk you through a process that is customized for your business. Our process is proven and saves you time, money, and allows you to make an informed decision whether you are looking for office, techflex, industrial, manufacturing, R&D, life sciences, retail, or medical space.

You see, if you call the person listed on the sign on your building, that person has a fiduciary responsibility to the landlord. Conversely, we only ever represent the tenant (that’s you). Our job is to help you evaluate all options, compare them apples-to-apples, and negotiate the best terms for you. Not only does our expertise leverage you in the marketplace financially, but the non-economic terms we negotiate have a significant impact as well. 

Our Values

Rise Core Values - Teamwork


Our focus is on you and the vision you have for your future. We work as a team, promoting a positive, energizing culture, always striving to be the best. Each team member brings a different skill set, collaborating to achieve your goals. We know that future-focused companies need future-focused guidance and advice and that is what we provide.

Rise Core Values - Innovation


We will combine real world experience, best-in-class partners, and the latest technology to provide you with exceptional service. We are constantly creating and developing technology based on your needs, as well as the demands of the industry. We are future-focused and will use that focus to find your perfect space.

Rise Core Values - Transparency


We pledge to be completely transparent, keeping our clients up-to-date and involved, at all times. Because we only represent one side of a real estate transaction, we provide impartial advice and an independent perspective, all while bridging communication between the parties involved.
Rise Core Values - Wellness


We must take care of ourselves to take the best care of others. We make health and wellness a priority in and out of the office and are committed to being active in our lifestyle and our community. That energy allows us to be at our best for you.

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