Workplace Wellness on a Budget

Workplace wellness has been a “thing” since I was in grad school—more years ago than I’d care to admit! It is pretty much understood that a focus on wellness in the workplace increases productivity, decreases absenteeism, reduces health risks and health care costs and improves employee morale, recruitment and retention.

Desk with bright yellow mug and green plants. Workplace wellness with added green space to office.
Workplace Wellness

All of this is well and good, but what if you’re a small company with little or no resources for wellness programs. Is there anything you can do? There are a number of options that you can offer to your employees, even if you’re on a shoe-string budget!

  1. Research and distribute a list of healthy lunch options within a 2- or 5-mile radius of your workplace.
  2. Work to negotiate an employee discount program with a local health food store.
  3. Provide your employees with healthy snack options such as fruit and granola bars, whether free or for purchase.
  4. Research and support local farmers markets and distribute details to your employees.
  5. Arrange for a place to safely store bikes and promote the benefits.
  6. Work to negotiate an employee discount program at a nearby health/fitness club.
  7. Hold walking meetings and teach others to do the same.
  8. Research and post maps for outdoor walking routes.
  9. Establish a Smoke-free work policy and provide smoke cessation resources.
  10. Hold monthly workplace wellness contests such as “steps” counting or fitness routine following.

These are just 10 little-to-no-cost ideas to get you started on your workplace wellness journey. Not every organization can afford to provide full-blown corporate wellness programs. But every organization can take simple steps to help their employees feel, live and work better. And if you think that moving to a new, “well” building is your next right step, let us know HERE. We’d love to help you find the perfect workspace for you and your team.       

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