Christmas – the making of a true holiday

My Christmas Frazzle

Christmas is only 4 days away. I had a house full of people the entire weekend before. As a matter of fact, some of them are still at my house. I have more people coming the weekend of the holiday. In addition, even more people arrive the weekend after. Finally, I am hosting Christmas dinner for 20 people at my house this year.
Honestly, the last place I want to be is this stuffy, hot room full of men. I had to force myself to leave the gift wrapping behind. We desperately need to go food shopping. I definitely arrived in with quite the grumpy attitude! In other words, I am seriously frazzled.
Whatever word you choose, I am in no mood to to serve the 30 hungry men sitting in the room. Nor do I want to sing. I don’t even really want to smile!

A Huge Change of Heart

Then it happened. “Oh good! I remember you! You’re the one that sings like a hippie! Tonight’s service is going to be good!” That’s all it took. I simply need the reminder. The world is not about me. This night is not about me.
The very fact that he remember me means that he’s been to the Light of Life Rescue Mission before. Homelessness, for him at least, isn’t a temporary thing. I feel like crying. For him, and for most of the men in the room, holidays are not filled with food, family and friends. Instead they are alone. Many are cold and hungry.
At this point, I am forced to ask myself a serious question. “What am I frazzled about? Christmas dinner? Wrapping gifts? Being surrounded by family and friends who love me?” In that moment, because of his words, I feel blessed beyond measure and so incredibly thankful for the privilege to serve.
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