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Our team commits to selflessly serving our clients, the business community and those marginalized by society. We strive to impact the world we live and work in, in addition to serving the underprivileged and struggling populations in our community and around the world.

Our team is committed to and engaged in our community – participating in athletic and charitable organizations all over the Greater Pittsburgh region. We serve those in need right here in our hometown and as far as California and El Salvador.

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Love Together Community Outreach Holiday Campaign

Love Together Campaign - Rise Together I'd like to introduce you to the Love Together Community Outreach Holiday Campaign for 2020. We asked the homeless,...
leading with empathy

Leading with Empathy

I was THAT mom. You know - the one that carried the big bag and pulled out food, snacks, Band-Aids, juice boxes. I was a...

Small Random Acts of Kindness

Small Acts of Kindness Each month, our office completes a service project. Recently, our owner gave each employee $100 to brighten someone’s day. Our job...

A Big or Small Random Act of Kindness

An Act of Kindness or A $100 Backpack I've been thinking a lot lately about the phrase "random act of kindness". Every day on my...

A Day for Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Bear with me for a moment. It may not seem like it, but I promise I'll get to the point of...
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Some Thoughts on Corporate Social Responsibility

Some Thoughts on Corporate Social Responsibility This coming Saturday, I will get up earlier than I like, head to the city, and walk in  benefiting...

What I Learned While I Was In Prison

What I Learned In Prison As I stood at the glass exit of the Allegheny County Prison this afternoon, it was hard to feel anything...
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Unity On The Go – Pokemon Go! Unites

Pokémon Go! Unites This picture does not depict the reality of the Pokémon Go craze.  Nor soes it reveal just how easy it is to...
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Service project with Hosanna Industries

April Service Project As a service project, our company recently paired with Hosanna Industries. We were tasked with gathering 53 sets of new twin sheets for...

Cancer Care Project at Satchels of Caring

February Cancer Care Service Project The Satchels of Caring Foundation creates satchels filled with therapeutic items. The foundation then provides them to cancer patients undergoing...

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