Found Advisors: Proud Partners of Exis

Exis Partnership

At Found Advisors, we like to think of ourselves as a team. We might be small in number, but we are a cohesive team that delivers exceptional service to each and every client.

Being part of a team allows us to see different points of view, contribute to the best of our ability and skill set, and provide well-rounded solutions to the problems our clients face. We know that each member of our team brings something different to the table and we use that to benefit the people and organizations we serve.

Aligning ourselves with Exis brought another member to our team. Actually, it brought many like-minded members to our team. We share the common goal of providing “tenants and other end users of real estate with a passionate advocate at the negotiating table…” True tenant advocacy is free from the inherent conflict of interest that exists when a company represents both landlords and tenants. Joining Exis allowed us to provide that unbiased support to our clients, regardless of the direction they are headed.

Obviously, our local, western Pennsylvania clients may never realize the benefit of our association with Exis. But you never know where your business will take you. Opening a branch office in New York City to be closer to your largest client? Exis can help. Your manufacturing operation is moving overseas? Exis is there. Downsizing (or should I say, ‘rightsizing’?) your warehouse in Texas? Let’s call Exis together.

Our ability to meet the needs of clients increased exponentially. And I appreciate the ability to say ‘Yes’ instead of ‘No’ when a client asks for help. When you get a chance, check out the Exis website. Take a look around. See where we are, who we’re connected with and why it’s important. And then, rest assured that you and your organization are in good hands, no matter where in the world your business takes you.

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