The Slow Unnecessary Death by Meeting

We’ve all been there – eyes rolling, sighing loudly, waiting for it to end

Death by Meeting

The slow unnecessary death by meeting! For quite a bit of my child-raising years, I worked as a Worship Pastor for a small, local church. Part of my job involved “managing” teams of volunteers. During that time, I had a rule for my meetings…if it takes more than an hour, I’m not doing my job correctly. I know that, often times, what works in a not-for-profit setting does not always apply to a for-profit setting. But, hear me out, because I believe, for a variety of reasons, that this rule should apply to both. 

First – Necessity?

First, not every meeting is important or even necessary. We waste countless hours discussing and re-discussing topics that are better handled in another way. For example, major initiatives call for meetings. However, creating the initial draft of a letter probably does not. People do not want to feel as if you are wasting their time. Be sure that every meeting you schedule is crucial to the success of your organization.

Second – Agenda?

Second, agendas are key. And sticking to agendas is even more important. Preparing and adhering to an agenda keeps the meeting focused. A leader must clearly define the discussion topics, keeping unrelated discussion to a minimum.

When you send out the agenda in advance, attendees come prepared, speakers are focused. As a result, the time needed for any single topic is shortened. It is so easy to get distracted or frustrated when someone goes on a tangent at a meeting. An agenda is an important tool so that everyone stays focused and engaged.

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